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Blockchain, data privacy, and AI lead MIT Platform Strategy report


What type of data is out there waiting to fuel your platform, and how will you sidestep the ethical landmines it could harbor? How will your company navigate complex new regulations like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation? And how can you prevail in the tooth-and-nail fight to attract top-notch, diverse talent?

Those topics, and plenty more, took center stage at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy’s 2018 Platform Strategy Summit earlier this year. The annual summit brings together industry leaders to discuss trends, issues, and opportunities in the platform strategy realm.

A report recently released on the conference highlights key takeaways from the speakers, which included representatives from leading platform-based companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and Topcoder, a crowdsourcing platform for data and computer science projects.

The 28-page e-book offers insights on the many promises and pitfalls of the digital platform, from the workings of Airbnb’s internal Data University — designed to help the company’s 3,000-plus employees learn the skills needed to put data first in everything they do — to how blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies could transform numerous industries, and how others, from health care to entertainment, are ripe for disruption.

The report is available for download now.

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