MIT Sloan Intensive Period

 The Sloan Intensive Period occurs at the midpoint of each semester that injects a burst of interactive and real-world experience into your MIT education. With SIP, students expand how they think and who they know, interacting with new peers, faculty, and external practitioners on a wide range of real world subjects, issues and challenges.

Taught by MIT Sloan faculty and vetted external practitioners, themes for these Intensives focus heavily on the mission of MIT Sloan of developing "principled, innovative leaders." Students interaction during SIP with new faculty, external practitioners and peers broadens perspectives and accelerates personal growth.

SIP is purposefully different from normal coursework, students switch gears, take a deep dive into specific topics, and try out new skills. Beyond the core, students participate in additional immersive 3 day to 2 week experiences that focus on the themes of effective teams and leadership, innovation, and improving the world. During the spring semester, Sloan Intensive Period, combined with spring break, affords enough time for on-site visits to host companies for Action Learning lab courses, Study Tours, and Track trips. Sloan Intensive Period is a requirement for MBA students. Sample Classes during the Sloan Intensive Period:

  • Mastering the TED Talk
  • Improvisation and Influence: An Experiential Leadership Lab
  • Making to Think: Developing Leadership with Creative Instincts
  • 12 Hours of Storming, Norming, and Performing: Team Building in Adversity
  • MIT Lab
  • Leading Competitive Businesses for People and Profits (Online & In-person workshop)

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