MIT Sloan Intensive Period

Sloan Intensive Period (SIP) is an integrated part of a student’s experience at Sloan. As part of the degree requirement, SIP is offered during Fall Core Semester with Core SIP and in the Spring Semesters for Elective SIP. Taught by MIT Sloan faculty and vetted external practitioners, themes for Core SIP focus specifically on leadership and ethics drawing direction from the mission of MIT Sloan; developing "principled, innovative leaders." When students participate in a SIP session, they interact with new faculty, external practitioners, and peers to broaden perspectives and accelerate personal growth. SIP is purposefully different from normal coursework; students switch gears, take a deep dive into specific topics for a short period of time, and try out new practical skills. 

Beyond Core SIP, students participate in additional immersive Elective SIPs offered in spring semesters beyond the core. Elective SIP offerings include a diverse set of experiences such as on campus 3-day practical skill-building sessions, on-site visits as part of an Action Learning Lab course, Study Tours and Track trips.

Sample Classes during the Sloan Intensive Period:

Core SIP:

  • Voicing Your Values Under Pressure
  • Feedback and Courageous Conversations
  • Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance, and Moral Obligations?
  • Identity and Truth

Elective SIP:

  • Making to Think: Developing Leadership with Creative Instincts

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