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Press Source: The New York Times

A new source for seafood

“Chefs had to deal with individual fishermen and it was complicated for them, but by aggregating we made it easier."

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Checkered race car flag
MIT Sloan Experts Innovation

Checkered flag for Tesla, white flag for the incumbents


When a startup disrupts incumbent market leaders and changes the basis of competition in an industry, as Tesla is doing in auto manufacturing, it’s the new problems they face and overcome that gives them the real advantage.

May 3, 2021
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Banner image of Rosalind Picard with Valor Economico "Live do Valor" image.
MIT Sloan Experts Artificial Intelligence

Professor Rosalind Picard discusses AI in healthcare


MIT Media Lab's Rosalind Picard will be a guest at "Live do Valor," hosted by Valor Econômico editor João Luiz Rosa, to discuss new developments in artificial intelligence applied to the healthcare industry.

Mar 24, 2021
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