MIT Leaders for Global Operations announces new industry partnership with Re:Build Manufacturing


Cambridge, Mass., December 7, 2022—The MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program welcomes Re:Build Manufacturing as its newest industry partner. This addition brings LGO’s partner company total to 24—17 of which are in the Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500. 

MIT LGO collaborates with the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT School of Engineering to deliver an interdisciplinary Engineering-MBA dual degree program. The two-year curriculum features internships at elite partner companies. Students develop leadership skills for the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, high-tech, and global supply chain industries, among others.

Re:Build Manufacturing integrates new technologies, managerial methods and capital into conventional manufacturing in medium-sized US manufacturing companies across industrial platforms in diversified growth markets with the goal of revitalizing the U.S. manufacturing base in areas that have been deindustrialized over the past 30 years. Re:Build currently employs over 800 people.

Their internship projects for MIT LGO students will focus on such areas as business transformation, lean manufacturing, computer-aided manufacturing, and process development and optimization. 

Credit: Lenny Kuhne/Unsplash

“Re:Build reflects the core MIT LGO values of improving the world and strengthening society through excellence in operations. We are looking forward to joining Re:Build on their journey to bring Industry 4.0 and the LGO playbook to a broader range of US manufacturing companies,” says, MIT LGO executive director and senior lecturer at MIT Sloan.

Miles Arnone, Re:Build Manufacturing CEO and a 1993 graduate of the MIT Leaders for Manufacturing program (as LGO was then known), says, “Re:Build Manufacturing is excited to give back to the program by contributing to its educational mission by exposing talented multi-disciplinary students to leadership roles within engineering-oriented manufacturing and its adjacencies. We look forward to being a part of this unique industry-academia partnership.”

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