MIT New Space Age Conference to explore the emerging space economy 


Conference will feature speakers from Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, NASA, and Boeing

Cambridge, Mass., March 1, 2017––The space race is on – but it’s a different kind of race today. Private companies continue to create and expand a new commercial market, advertising future habitats on Mars and trips into space. The space industry is reaching new heights as China and India engage in a new space race and SpaceX plans for moon tourism flights.As this industry’s growth continues its upward trend, the MIT Sloan School of Management will host its 2nd annual New Space Age Conference organized by the MIT Sloan Astropreneurship and Space Industry Club (ASIC). It will be held on March 11, 2017 at the Samberg Conference Center on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA. The conference will serve as a platform to advance growth of the private space industry by bringing together business leaders, academics and institutional investors.

Speakers will discuss all aspects of “astropreneurship” – ridesharing as it pertains to sharing the cost of space access, high-bandwidth communications in space via laser, making space travel affordable to the public, the Earth-Mars supply chain, the relationship between private space companies and governments, and more.

Slated speakers, among many others, are:

  • Dr. Erika Wagner / Business Development Manager, Blue Origin
  • James Orsulak / Director of Sales and Business Development, Planetary Resources
  • Dr. Sean Casey / Founder and Managing Director, Silicon Valley Space Center
  • Phil Brzytwa / Director of Business Development, Spaceflight
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman / Director, MIT Man Vehicle Lab, NASA Astronaut
  • Kim Slater / Earth and Space Science Lead, Draper
  • Dr. Natalya Bailey / CEO and Founder, Accion Systems Inc.
  • Keegan Kirkpatrick / Team Lead, Redworks
  • Blair DeWitt / CEO and Co-Founder, Lunar Station Corporation
  • Ellen Chang / Partner, LightSpeed Innovations
  • Katerina Lengold / VP of Business Development, Astro Digital

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