A Day in the Life of an MBA Student

Navigating MIT Sloan: The Experience of a Student, Veteran, and Parent

A Day in the Life of an MBA Student


A Day in the Life of Jack O'Brien, MBA '25

Jack O'Brien, MBA '25

Before coming to MIT Sloan, Jack O’Brien, MBA ’25, founded a company to help early-stage founders raise funds remotely, and after a few years his company was acquired. Then at a turning point in his career, when O’Brien was considering starting another venture or joining a different startup, he chose business school to focus his career on AI and climate tech.

“MIT was the school that made sense for me with its focus on entrepreneurship and engineering. It was the only school I applied to, and I would have taken a job offer if I didn’t get accepted,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien’s goal in pursuing an MBA is to immerse himself in founding another company with both a technical and business understanding. When he’s not in class, O’Brien can be found brainstorming company ideas and prototyping projects. He also served as a managing director of the MIT Energy & Climate Hack this past fall.

“The MBA core has been extremely busy, and I’m using every hour from 8 a.m. until late into the night,” he said.

For prospective students considering the MBA program at MIT Sloan, O’Brien recommended contacting current students, researching MIT-founded companies, and exploring free MIT courses online.

“There is so much to learn, and I can’t believe how quickly the first semester has flown by,” O’Brien said.