A Safe Return to Campus

Together, we’re committed to tackling Covid-19 the MIT way – by standing with the science, working the problem, and modeling the solution for our community and beyond.

June 7, 2022: Updated Policy Highlights

  1. Masks: Due to the increase in cases on campus, effective immediately, masks are strongly encouraged indoors across campus. 

  2. Testing: 
    •    As of June 17, MIT is ending observed PCR testing through the MIT Medical trailer.
    •    Beginning July 1, unobserved PCR testing will be available only to community members who are experiencing Covid symptoms.
    •    A new Covid test kit will be required for unobserved testing; current kits will no longer be valid.
    •    The new test kit will be available for pick-up and drop-off at MIT Medical as of July 1. 
    •    You should continue to report symptoms through CovidPass, and will need to do so to use the new test.

  3. Attestations: Daily health attestations are not required for campus access as of March 14.
  4. Visitors: Campus access remains restricted to members of the MIT community who are up to date on their Covid vaccinations or have an approved exemption; others must either be accompanied by a Covid Pass holder or have a Tim Ticket.
  5. Eating on Campus: Eating is permitted indoors on campus except in classrooms during class. 

Please visit MIT Now for complete details

We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed. Note:  These guidelines are subject to change. Please bookmark and visit MIT Now for the latest information.

If you experience any issues with campus access, please contact the MIT Return to Campus team at sloan-access-support@mit.edu.