MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

Our History

A history of leadership, a community of action

For decades, MIT and MIT Sloan have been leading the way in sustainability. Jay Forrester’s work on World Dynamics paved the way for the publication of Limits to Growth in 1972, a widely influential book that served as a precursor to modern thinking around environmental sustainability.

In 2006, a diverse group of faculty and researchers came together to connect these ideas in a holistic vision for sustainability, and the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan was formed.

This began the integration of sustainability in the core curriculum and the establishment of the Laboratory for Sustainable Business Action Learning Course (S-Lab) and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Certificate

Now, our growing degree coursework, executive education, and research projects allow us to engage and educate our students, researchers, and alumni in new and meaningful ways. We continue to foster productive debate and disruptive innovation through systems modeling, entrepreneurship, and cross-sectoral collaboration.

We are expanding our relationships with business partners, government, NGOs, hybrid organizations, and the MIT community. This allows us to broaden the scope of our impact, create market opportunities, and make meaningful progress toward creating a just and sustainable world. 

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