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The MIT Sloan Sustainability Certificate allows students to get cutting-edge content, join a special cohort, and prepare for their career

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The MIT Sloan Sustainability Certificate allows MIT students to dive deep into the field of sustainability and join a growing community.

Unprecedented growth has generated new opportunities for many around the globe, but it has also strained our ecosystems, driven stark inequality, and tipped the balance of our personal lives. If we are going to tackle these challenges, we need leaders who are empowered to act so that humans and nature can thrive for generations to come.   

The Sustainability Certificate has been a part of the MIT Sloan experience since 2010, and provides students with an opportunity to engage in a dialogue around organizational challenges and choices, and to develop a mindset to implement sustainability strategies that lead to impact in our communities and environments. Please note: The Sustainability Certificate is only available to enrolled MIT Graduate students

Once you have been accepted to MIT and are enrolled in a degree-granting program, please register your interest and request a meeting to review the requirements and discuss pathways for completion that meet your academic and career goals.

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By earning the Sustainability Certificate, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Indicate your knowledge and commitment to sustainability fundamentals
  • Join a cohort and extended community of passionate and dedicated leaders, with access to alumni at multiple events throughout the year.
  • Tailor your MBA experience to your professional goals
  • Access high-caliber sustainability-focused summer internships sourced by MIT Sloan’s Career Development Office.


To earn a Sustainability Certificate, MIT graduate level students must complete the following courses:

  • 15.915 | Laboratory for Sustainable Business, (S-Lab) 
  • 15.871 Intro to System Dynamics or 15.873 System Dynamics for Business and Policy (only one required)
  • 15.878 | Capstone Seminar in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability 
  • Two approved electives from our Sustainability Courses page

See the full list of courses here

Patrick Flynn | MBA '12, Sustainability Certificate, VP Sustainability, Saleforce
The Sustainability Certificate introduced me to the technical and non-technical skills needed to drive organizational change. Now, I’m able to drive sustainability innovation at one of the fastest growing companies in the world.
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