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Students can choose from over 60 sustainability courses institute wide as they pursue the Sustainability Certificate.

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Below is a collection of MIT graduate level sustainability courses that count towards the Sustainability Certificate elective requirements. While course details are provided, please be sure to verify course dates, times, and credits in the MIT course registration system, as updates may occur that are not immediately reflected on this page. 

Course Title
1.076 Carbon Management Fall 12 Cr.
1.147 Startup Sustainable Tech Spring 12 Cr.
1.579 Materials in Agriculture, Food Security, and Food Safety Fall 12 Cr.
1.74 Land, Water, Food and Climate Fall 6 Cr.
1.C51 Machine Learning for Sustainable Systems Spring 6 Cr.
10.986 Seminar in Energy Systems Fall 6 Cr.
11.165 Urban Energy Systems and Policy Fall 12 Cr.
11.169 Global Climate Policy and Sustainability Spring 9 Cr.
11.171 Indigenous Environmental Planning Spring 12 Cr.
11.255 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector Spring 12 Cr.
11.308J Ecological Urbanism Seminar Fall 12 Cr.
11.350 Sustainable Real Estate: Economics and Business Spring 12 Cr.
11.368 Environmental Justice: Law and Policy Fall 12 Cr.
11.371J Sustainable Energy Fall 12 Cr.
11.382 Water Diplomacy - The Science, Policy, and Politics of Managing Shared Resources Spring 12 Cr.
11.401 Introduction to Housing, Community, and Economic Development Fall 12 Cr.
11.449 Decarbonizing Urban Mobility Fall 12 Cr.
11.474 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Spring 12 Cr.
11.475 Navigating Politics & Power in Water & Sanitation Planning Spring 12 Cr.
11.540 Urban Transportation Planning and Policy Fall 12 Cr.
11.601 Intro to Environmental Policy and Planning Fall 12 Cr.
11.701 Intro to International Development Planning Fall 12 Cr.
11.S952 Socially Responsible Real Estate Development Fall 6 Cr.
12.586 Modeling Environmental Complexity Fall 12 Cr.
12.885 Science, Politics and Environmental Policy Fall 9 Cr.
14.003 Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy Fall 12 Cr.
14.420 Environmental Policy and Economics Spring 12 Cr.
14.475 Environmental Economics Spring 12 Cr.
15.014 Applied Macro- and International Economics II Spring 6 Cr.
15.020 Economics of Energy, Innovation, and Sustainability Fall 12 Cr.
15.027 Opportunities in Developing Economies Spring 6 Cr.
15.029J United States Energy Policy: Lessons Learned for the Future Fall 6 Cr.
15.032 Engineering, Economics and Regulation of the Electric Power Sector Spring 12 Cr.
15.036 Dimensions of Geoengineering Fall 6 Cr.
15.038 Energy Economics and Policy Spring 12 Cr.
15.219 Global Energy: Politics, Markets, and Policy Spring 12 Cr.
15.225 Modern Business in China: China Lab Spring 12 Cr.
15.226 Modern Business in Southeast Asia: ASEAN Lab Spring 12 Cr.
15.232 Breakthrough Ventures: Effective Business Models in Frontier Markets Spring 6 Cr.
15.270 Ethical Practice: Leading Through Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and System Design Spring 6 Cr.
15.308 Leading the Way: Individual and Organizational Strategies for Advancing DE&I Spring 9 Cr.
15.366 Climate and Energy Ventures Fall 12 Cr.
15.375 Global Ventures Fall 12 Cr.
15.385 Innovating for Impact Fall 6 Cr.
15.389 Global Entrepreneurship Lab Fall 12 Cr.
15.499 Social Impact Investing Spring 6 Cr.
15.655 Law, Technology and Public Policy Fall 12 Cr.
15.657 Technology, Globalization & Sustainable Development Fall 12 Cr.
15.662 People and Profits: Shaping the Future of Work Spring 12 Cr.
15.663 Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics Spring 12 Cr.
15.671 U-Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self Fall 6 Cr.
15.677 Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy Spring 12 Cr.
15.679 Bridging the American Divides: Work, Community and Culture - USA Lab Spring 9 Cr.
15.768 Management of Services: Concepts, Design and Delivery Fall 9 Cr.
15.769 Operations Strategy Spring 9 Cr.
15.783 Product Design and Development Spring 12 Cr.
15.847 Consumer Behavior Spring 9 Cr.
15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics Fall 6 Cr.
15.873 System Dynamics for Business and Policy Fall 9 Cr.
15.874 Environmental Governance and Science Fall 9 Cr.
15.878 Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab) Spring 9 Cr.
15.915 Business Strategies for a Sustainable Future Spring 9 Cr.
15.S05 SSIM: Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid Strategies for a Sustainable Future Spring 6 Cr.
15.S70 Impact Ventures Fall 12 Cr.
15.S9 SSIM: Managing Crucial Conversations About & Across Difference Fall 6 Cr.
2.760 Global Engineering Fall 12 Cr.
2.832 Solving for Carbon Neutrality at MIT Spring 12 Cr.
2.871 D-Lab: Supply Chains Spring 12 Cr.
2.965[J] Global Supply Chain Management Spring 6 Cr.
2.S985 Exploring Sustainability at Different Scales Fall 12 Cr.
21A.155 Food, Culture, and Politics Fall 12 Cr.
21A.429 Environmental Conflict and Social Change Fall 12 Cr.
22.780 Nuclear Waste Management Fall 12 Cr.
24.634 Global Justice, Gender, and Development Fall 12 Cr.
3.70 Materials Science and Engineering of Clean Energy Spring 12 Cr.
4.228 Contemporary Urbanism Proseminar: Theory and Representation Fall 0 Cr.
4.401 Environmental Technologies in Buildings Fall 12 Cr.
5.00 Energy Technology and Policy: From Principles to Practice Fall 9 Cr.
5.811 Fifty Years of U.S. Energy Policy – Lessons for the Future Fall 6 Cr.
6.712 Principles of Modeling, Computing and Control for Decarbonized Electric Energy Systems Fall 12 Cr.
CMS.875 Reading Climate Through Media Spring 12 Cr.
EC. 782 D-Lab: Applications of Energy in Global Development Fall 12 Cr.
EC.701 D-Lab: Development Fall 12 Cr.
EC.750 Humanitarian Innovation: Design for Relief, Rebuilding, and Recovery Spring 12 Cr.
EC.782 Applications of Energy in Global Development Fall 12 Cr.
EC.783 Entrepreneurship for the Idealist Spring 12 Cr.
EC.787 D-Lab: Education and Learning Spring 9 Cr.
EC.789 D-Lab: Water, Climate Change and Health Spring 12 Cr.
EC.791 D-Lab: Introduction to Energy in Global Development Spring 12 Cr.
EC.988 Social Life of Materials Spring 12 Cr.
IDS.521 Energy Systems for Climate Change Mitigation Fall 12 Cr.
IDS.522 Mapping and Evaluating New Energy Technologies Fall 12 Cr.
SCM.124 Energy Systems and Climate Change Fall 12 Cr.
SCM.283 Humanitarian Logistics Spring 6 Cr.
SCM.290 Sustainable Supply Chains Spring 6 Cr.

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