We Believe in a Sustainable Future

The mission of the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan is to deliver the best education, apply academic rigor to real world challenges, and empower leaders everywhere to take action, professionally, and personally, so that humans and nature can thrive for generations to come.  We do this through the joint efforts of MIT students and alumni, faculty and researchers, and partners in business, government, NGOs, and hybrid organizations.

Our Core Values

Courage: Think big; take risks; cross boundaries; speak truth to power

Curiosity:  Learn and reflect continuously

Empathy:  Meet people where they are, strive for win-win solutions

Integrity:  Keep our word; live by our values; clean up our mess

Rigor:  Ground claims in evidence; challenge each other’s assumptions; pursue the highest standards in all we do

Zest:  Bring enthusiasm; enrich human connection; foster vibrant conversation