15-2 Business Analytics: Major Requirements

Major Requirements

  • 8 Required Subjects

    Communicating with Data: 15.276 [CI-M]

    Computer Programming6.0001 & 6.0002 [REST] or 6.00 [REST] or 6.01 [1/2 LAB]

    Organizational Processes15.312 [CI-M]

    Optimization15.053 [REST]

    Probability: 15.0791 or 6.041A & 6.041B or 14.30 or 18.600 [REST]

    Statistics: 15.075 [LAB] or 14.32 [LAB] or 18.650

    Stochastic Models: 15.780

    Machine Learning6.036

  • Restricted Electives

    Each student must take an additional five subjects from an approved list of subjects with analytics content or analytics focused. At least three of the restricted electives must be Course 15 subjects.

    *A full subject is either 9 or 12 units. a half subject is 6 units.


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