15-2 Business Analytics: Major Requirements

Major Requirements (Updated for Fall 2022)

  • 8 Required Subjects

    Analytics for a Better World15.076 [Institute LAB] (Updated requirement for Fall 2022)

    Communicating with Data: 15.276 [CI-M]

    Computer Programming6.100A (6.0001) & 6.100B (6.0002) [REST] or  6.100A (6.0001) & 6.1010 (6.009) [Institute LAB]

    Organizational Processes15.312 [CI-M]

    Optimization15.053 [REST]

    Probability and Statistics: 15.069 or 18.05 or 14.30 [all RESTs]  (Updated requirement for Fall 2022)

    Stochastic Models: 15.780

    Machine Learning: 15.0711 or 6.3900 (6.036) [15.0711 added as an option in Fall 2022]

  • Restricted Electives

    Each student must take an additional five full subjects from the approved list of Restricted Electives. At least three of the restricted electives must be Course 15 subjects.

    *A full subject is either 9 or 12 units. A half subject is 6 units.


    15-2 Elective Guide

Special Note For Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024:

You can choose to either fulfill the updated requirements (listed above) or the previous requirements.  Please contact the Sloan Undergraduate Office (ugeducation [at] sloan.mit.edu) to discuss your specific situation and which option makes the most sense for you. 


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