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Organizations Lab (Orgs-Lab) addresses the question of how individuals can transform organizations, and in doing so, the communities in which those organizations reside.

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Organizations Lab


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15.335 Organizations Lab

2020 revealed that despite continued advances in science and technology, human society is beset with challenges ranging from a changing global climate to growing income inequality and structural racism. COVID-19 exacerbated these challenges. MIT Sloan exists to equip leaders with the skills necessary to make positive change in the world’s important organizations and institutions. At a time when many organizations are reevaluating their priorities and redefining the role of business in society, it is critical to understand how leaders serve all of their stakeholders, including employees and the community.

Organizations Lab addresses the question of how individuals can transform organizations and, in doing so, the communities in which those organizations reside. In this semester-long Action Learning lab, students will assist a local nonprofit organization in improving its efficiency and effectiveness. 

To support this effort, the course introduces two complementary perspectives:

  1. Dynamic Work Design is a framework and supporting set of tools (developed at MIT) for designing and creating more effective and engaging work.
  2. We offer several frameworks for thinking about the role of the leader in aligning priorities to the values of the organization, and considering the impacts, both positive and negative, that organizations have on their surrounding communities. 

Recognizing that corporate leaders are increasingly committing to deliver value to all their stakeholders and a noble brand purpose, the goal is for students to build their ability to link their leadership priorities and specific interventions to larger transformations, and in doing so, build their capacity to transform both their organizations and their careers. 


Organizations Lab


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Making an Impact

Orgs-Lab students work with greater Boston organizations facing significant challenges in delivering on their chosen mission. These projects allow students to truly make an impact in their local community,. 

Action Learning

Organizational Assistance for a COVID-Era Food Pantry

Students from Orgs-Lab joined forces with BINcA, a Boston high school that serves English-language learners, to help its food pantry succeed.

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