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MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program

The Visiting Fellows Program is a non-degree, customized course of study for students, professionals, and MIT alumni with the freedom to explore all that MIT Sloan has to offer.

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MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program

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Join us in August 2022 as a MIT Sloan Visiting Fellow and plug in to the MIT ecosystem to supercharge your education or career, connect with world-renowned faculty and innovators, and generate impact where it matters most. Applications for the fall 2022 semester are now open. Application deadline is April 1, 2022.

The MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program is a non-degree, customized course of study that provides students, professionals, and MIT alumni the freedom to explore all that MIT Sloan has to offer, as well as courses across the Institute, while cultivating the skills and tools required to generate impact where it matters most. The Visiting Fellows Program provides access to an unparalleled education model that offers Fellows the flexibility to glean what they need to know now from the world's leading research institution in an expedited timeframe. We invite you to plug in to the MIT and Kendall Square ecosystem, level up your professional knowledge and leadership skills, and energize your network by connecting with industry leaders, innovators, and world-renowned faculty. Upon completion of the program, Visiting Fellows receive a certificate from MIT Sloan and affiliate alumni status.

Applications for the Fall 2022 semester are now being accepted through April 1, 2022.

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Unlike a traditional degree program, there are no course requirements. Visiting Fellows come to MIT with the freedom to pursue their academic and professional goals, such as developing new skills in global entrepreneurship, broadening understanding of strategic innovation, or exploring international finance and capital markets. As a Visiting Fellow, the choice is yours. Visiting Fellows also participate in student clubs, conferences, and special seminars, and enjoy a wealth of cultural, social, and recreational activities, both on campus and in Cambridge and Boston. (Classes are currently held in person. Due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic, the format of activities may be adjusted to current federal and local government guidelines.)  



    We invite you to schedule a call with one of our admissions team member to discuss the program details and for us to learn about your career goals.


Meet the Spring 2021 Cohort Graduates

"Congratulations to the MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Spring 2021 cohort on their graduation. This exceptional class of diverse professionals and students from across the globe is now a part of the MIT Sloan family. All of us in the MIT community wish you success with your next chapter in life!" - David V. Capodilupo, Assistant Dean, MIT Sloan Global Programs

Spring 2021 Graduated Cohort:

Erik Asberg, Mohanad Bahshwan, Gaute Bakli, Ryan Bonifacino, Natalie Deschamps, Gianmarco Franceschi, Lola Laurence, Hillary Liem, Lewis Liu, Niccolo Mascetti, Linn Moholt, Ricardo Praelli Lara Marie Rausch, Tomohiro Sakuragi, Espen Svanevik, Espen Trengeired, Thierry Xavier, Esther Xu, Faustin Ziemke

The Visiting Fellows Experience

Visiting Fellows alumni share their stories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Program Details

Unlike a traditional degree program, there are no course requirements. Visiting Fellows enjoy the flexibility and freedom to pursue your academic and professional goals. Whether you're an executive seeking leading-edge ideas to advance to the next stage of your career, a student earning a degree elsewhere ready to supercharge your education, or an MIT alumna/alumnus eager to re-engage with the MIT ecosystem and reignite your mind and network, Visiting Fellows allows exploration of all that MIT Sloan has to offer with a relentless focus on generating impact where it matters most.

  • Create your own curriculum with a faculty advisor and design a specific course of study for the semester, aligned with your academic and professional goals.
  • Take elective courses at MIT Sloan, throughout MIT, and virtual courses at Harvard University. 
  • Participate in the breadth of management courses offered at MIT Sloan or focus in-depth on a specific topic. All courses are offered in-person.
  • Visiting Fellows take between 36 and 54 credit units, or about four to six courses, throughout the semester.
  • MIT Sloan offers certificate programs in Business Analytics, Healthcare, and Sustainability. To earn a second graduate credential, please consult your academic advisor for certificate requirements. You may be required to enroll in two semesters to meet the certificate requirement.
Term Dates

The MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program is available in the following terms:

  • Spring: Begins early February through mid-May.

  • Fall: Begins early September through mid-December. 

MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program


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Admissions Criteria

Enrollment in the Visiting Fellows Program does not imply subsequent admission into an MIT degree program. Visiting Fellows typically have one or more university degrees and several years of work experience before they apply to the program. However, outstanding undergraduate students may apply. Visiting Fellows who successfully complete their course of study will receive a program certificate from MIT Sloan.

The Visiting Fellows brings together cohorts from various backgrounds and walks of life. We take great care to make sure that students are prepared for the high level of academic rigor experienced in the Sloan classroom and are capable of keeping up with other Sloan students.

There are two key steps to the admissions process:

  • Application Review: The admissions committee reviews your application materials. Should your application be recommended for admission, the committee will submit your application to faculty advisors who are experts in your areas of interest.
  • Acceptance by an Advisor: Faculty advisors review applications recommended by the committee and make the final decisions on admission to the Visiting Fellows Program. As stewards of your academic experience at Sloan, faculty advisors will recommend courses as well as extracurricular academic activities such as seminars and conferences that correspond with your area of study.
Application Materials

A complete application consists of the following materials:

  • Application form
  • Official academic transcripts
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Résumé or CV
  • Statement of purpose and study objectives
  • *English Proficiency Test for International Applicants, with a minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 95, and minimum International Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 7.5.

English Proficiency: If your native language is not English, you must demonstrate proficiency by taking either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the test provided by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Candidates who have attended an academic program conducted in English for one year may request a TOEFL waiver. If you qualify for this waiver, please email before you submit your application.

*Due to test center closures during the novel Covid-19 pandemic, you may apply without the English as a Second Language score (TOEFL)

Deadlines And Decision Schedule

The Admissions Committee carefully reviews the application of each individual and will notify applicants of their decision by the deadlines listed below. Interview invitations will be extended up until the final decision date. Please note that in the interest of confidentiality, we will only deliver official decisions via email.

Term: Submission Dates for Application: Notification Date:
Spring May 1 – October 1 November 1
Fall November 1 – April 1 May 1

The Admissions Committee may not accept applications between October 2 - October 31 and  April 2 - April 30 for each application round.


As part of the admission process, interviews are by invitation only and do not guarantee admission. Candidates will be invited by email to interview up until the notification date. Interviews are conducted via Zoom.

While in-person interviews on campus are an option for candidates who may be in the greater Boston area, no in-person interviews will be conducted  at this time.

MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program

Student Profiles

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Student Profile

Who may apply to MIT Sloan's Visiting Fellows Program:

  • Professionals with a minimum of five years of professional experience, or a mix of academic and professional experience.
  • MBA students enrolled in one of MIT Sloan’s international collaborative universities.  These students attend the Visiting Fellows Program for one semester to attain academic goals via a specific set of courses focusing on finance, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, or other concentrations specific to their needs.
  • Exceptional undergraduate students with a proven academic record
Key Attributes

The Visiting Fellows Program is an opportunity for you to build your skills, expand your global leadership network, and define your place in the world. The following are a few attributes that we would like to see in candidates:

  • Work in a global environment or demonstrated commitment to a global perspective.
  • Pushing boundaries and tackling challenges others might think too difficult to achieve.
  • An undergraduate degree (or currently pursuing a masters’ or PhD) or at least five years of professional work experience, or an appropriate mix of both.
  • Commitment to a full semester immersion at MIT Sloan, actively engaging with students from other programs.
  •  Capability and interest to master a rigorous curriculum.
  • Effective English communication, both oral and written. Candidates who have attended an academic program conducted in English for one year may request a TOEFL waiver.

Hendrik Soete


    Spring 2018




    International Master of Business Administration, Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University

Norah Alkhursany headshot

Norah Alkhursany


    FALL 2019

  • Citizenship

    Saudi Arabia

  • Degree & Major

    Master of Business Administration, Finance, American University of Sharjah

Kela Roberts headshot

Kela Roberts


    FALL 2019

  • Citizenship


  • Degree & Major

    Masters of Medical Sciences & Immunology, Harvard Medical School

Stanislaw Knaflewski MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program

Stanislaw Knaflewski




    Master of Business Administration, ENSEAD

  • Sloan Visiting Fellow Student

    Spring 2019

TA WU Sloan Visiting Fellow Spring 2019



    Spring 2019




    Master of Philosophy in Industrial System, Manufacturing and Management, University of Cambridge, UK


Thomas Gaar

  • Sloan Visiting Fellow Student

    Spring 2019




    M.A. in Strategy and International Management, St. Gallen University, Switerzland

Marcelo Dutilh headshot

Marcelo Dutilh


    FALL 2019

  • Citizenship

    Chile & France

  • Degree & Major

    Industrial Engineer with minor in Chemistry, Universidad Católica de Chile, Master of Business Administration, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

Lasse Visiting Fellows

Lasse Graberg


    Spring 2019




    Master of Management, The Norwegian Defence University College

MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program


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Course Registration

MIT Sloan Visiting Fellow students may register between 36 – 54 units, which is usually 4 -  6 courses during your semester. MIT Sloan manages class enrollments by having students “bid” for courses. Bidding allows students to rank their top choices, and indicate how much they want a particular class over another.

The course bidding is broken up into Round I, Round II, Add/Drop, and Waitlist. The mechanics of bidding for courses are the following:

  • Every student receives 1000 points to spend, and the minimum bid is 1 point, and maximum bid is 1000 points.
  • Students should bid more points on courses you have higher desire to enroll.
  • You will be allowed to modify your bids and enrollment throughout an open round.
  • All bids are resolved at the end of each round.
  • The Add/Drop Round is the only time-sensitive round.
  • As a non-degree student, Visiting Fellows don’t have priority to bid for courses; you will only be allowed to bid in Round II, during the Add/Drop period and add your name to the Waitlist.
  • Round I is reserved for degree seeking students who may require registration in core courses. This may result in a limited availability in course selection.
  • When bidding for courses, you will be able to note the number of seats filled vs. capacity for that particular class.
  • There are typically more entrepreneurship and innovation courses available during the spring term.
Certification and Course Credits

All students who successfully complete the program are issued a certificate from MIT Sloan at the end of the program.

If you are a current degree student at another school, upon successful completion of the Visiting Fellows Program, MIT Sloan will issue a certified transcript for your school.

Program Expenses

The MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows is a non-degree, certificate-only program. Therefore, no financial aid or scholarships are available for the program.

The estimated expenses for one semester are:

Tuition  – Please consult program office

$500      – Books, course materials, supplies

$20,000 – 5 months living expenses, single person*

$1,907   – MIT student extended health insurance plan, single person**

*Living expenses are quoted for a single bedroom apartment in the Kendall Square neighborhood surrounding campus. Costs may vary if you share an apartment or live farther away from campus. After acceptance, Global Programs will assist you in locating suitable off-campus housing options. Visiting Fellows are not eligible for on-campus housing.

**The MIT student health insurance may be waived if you are able to provide other health plan coverage that meets the minimum required per law. If you are an international student, your health plan should meet the minimum insurance visa requirement.

MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows

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