Lead Yourself. Lead with Others. Change the World. 

What kinds of problems get your mind racing?  What problems do you want to solve? Rallying around a cause, problem, issue, or opportunity that matters to you and to the world is a cornerstone of leadership at MIT. If you’re ready to up your leadership game and learn how to take action, we’re ready to help. We believe leadership is a practice anyone can learn, so we offer a range of courses, programs, and executive coaching for MIT Sloan MBA students, Executive MBA students, and Sloan Fellows MBA students.  

At MIT, every leadership journey begins with self-awareness. Through intense reflection, our students begin to recognize their strengths and uncover any gaps. They learn to seek diverse opinions and collaborate with people who have ideas that will work. They learn to harness the right resources to solve complex problems at the individual, team, and organizational level. They develop the ability to manage conflict and reflect on their experiences. And true to MIT’s ethos, they know how to iteratively test and refine their personalized approach as they develop into the highly principled leaders the world needs today. 

When we’re done with them, our students are equipped with field-tested leadership frameworks they can apply to make a lasting impact from any position in any organization. 

Executive Coaching at the MIT Leadership Center

The Leadership Center works with a cadre of professional executive coaches who engage with the Executive MBA and Sloan Fellows MBA students as part of their degree programs.

The Leadership Center coaches also play a pivotal role in the support of MBA students who take our foundational leadership courses; 15.336 ID Lab and 15.337 Teams Lab 

Learn more about each of our coaches here

Who We Support

We design courses and programs that build on our fundamental approach to leadership for specific student populations at Sloan.

MIT Leadership Center

MBA Students

Leadership courses and programming designed for MBA students at MIT Sloan.

MIT Leadership Center

EMBA Students

Leadership courses and programming designed for EMBA students at MIT Sloan.

MIT Leadership Center

SFMBA Students

Leadership courses and programming designed for SFMBA students at MIT Sloan.