Work and Organization Studies

PhD Students

WOS PhD students are investigating new and sometimes controversial theories and ideas. And they are initiating an important dialogue around the changing nature of work and what those changes mean for people and organizations. Below is a list of current PhD students in the Work and Organizational Studies group.


Mahreen Khan –

Alex Kowalski –

Claire McKenna –

Andrew Minster –

Karen Scott -  

Di Tong -

George Ward –

Organization Studies


Raquel Kessinger –

 James Mellody –

Alan Zhang –

Economic Sociology

Simon Friis –

Carolyn Fu –

Tatiana Labuzova –

Audrey Mang -

Ethan Poskanzer –

Eppa Rixey - 

Bradley Turner -

Hagay Volvovsky –

Victoria Zhang -

Recent Former PhD Students


Duanyi Yang, PhD 2020 - Cornell University, The ILR School

Gokce Basburg, PhD 2017 - SKK Graduate School of Business

Maja Tampe, PhD 2016 - ESADE

Organization Studies

Vanessa Conzon, PhD 2020 - Boston College’s Carroll School of Management

Jenna Myers, PhD 2020 - University of Toronto Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources

Heather Yang, PhD 2020 - Bocconi University 

Julia DiBenigno, PhD 2016 - Yale School of Management

Economic Sociology

Brittany Bond, PhD 2020 - Cornell University, The ILR School

Summer Jackson, PhD 2020 - Harvard Business School

James Riley, PhD 2020 - Harvard Business School

J. Michael Whalen, PhD 2020

Tristan Botelho, PhD 2017 - Yale School of Management

Santiago Campero, PhD 2016 - HEC Montreal

Jae Kyung Ha, PhD 2016 - Boston University, Questrom School of Business