Jing Li


Jing Li


Jing Li holds the William Barton Rogers Career Development Chair of Energy Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Jing has been a Postdoctoral Associate of the MIT Energy Initiative. Her research interests are industrial organization and environmental and energy economics.

She received her BS in mathematics with computer science and in economics, both from MIT, and an MA and PhD in economics, both from Harvard University.


"The Short-run and Long-run Effects of Covid-19 on Energy and the Environment."

Gillingham, Kenneth T., Christopher R. Knittel, Jing Li, Marten Ovaere, and Mar Reguant. Joule Vol. 4, No. 7 (2020): 1337-1341.

"Cost Pass-Through to Higher Ethanol Blends at the Pump: Evidence from Minnesota Gas Station Data."

Li, Jing and James H. Stock. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management Vol. 93, (2019): 1-19. Download Paper. Online Appendix.

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