Negin (Nicki) Golrezaei


Negin (Nicki) Golrezaei


Negin Golrezaei is the KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology and an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Her current research interests are in the area of machine learning, statistical learning theory, mechanism design, and optimization algorithms with applications to revenue management, pricing, and online markets. Before joining MIT, Negin spent a year as a postdoctoral researcher at Google Research in New York where she worked with the Market Algorithm team to develop, design, and test new mechanisms and algorithms for online marketplaces.

Negin is the recipient of a 2018 Google Faculty Research Award; 2017 George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award; 2017 INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Dissertation Prize; 2018 Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Decision Sciences Institute; University of Southern California (USC) Ph.D. Achievement Award (2017); USC CAMS Graduate Student Prize, for excellence in research with a substantial mathematical component (2017); Honorable mention in the 2016 MSOM Student Paper Competition; and  USC Provost's Ph.D. Fellowship (2011).

Negin received her BSc (2007) and MSc (2009) degrees in electrical engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, Iran, and a PhD (2017) in operations research from USC.



Golrezaei wins 2018 Google Faculty Research Award


"Dynamic Incentive-Aware Learning: Robust Pricing in Contextual Auctions."

Golrezaei, Negin, Adel Javanmard, and Vahab Mirrokni. Operations Research. Forthcoming. SSRN Preprint.

"​Dynamic Pricing for Heterogeneous Time-Sensitive Customers."

Golrezaei, Negin, Hamid Nazerzadeh, and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. Forthcoming. Download Paper.

"Efficient Policies and Mechanisms for Online Platforms."

Golrezaei, Negin. PhD diss., University of Southern California, 2017.

"Auctions with Dynamic Costly Information Acquisition."

Golrezaei, Negin, and Hamid Nazerzadeh. Operations Research Vol. 65, No. 1 (2017): 130-144. Download Paper.

"Scaling Behavior for Device-to-Device Communications With Distributed Caching."

Golrezaei, Negin, Alexandros G. Dimakis, and, Andreas F. Molisch. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Vol. 60, No. 7 (2014): 4286-4298. arXiv.

"Real-Time Optimization of Personalized Assortments."

Golrezaei, Negin, Hamid Nazerzadeh, and Paat Rusmevichientong. Management Science Vol. 60, No. 6 (2014): 1532-1551. SSRN.

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