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Download: MIT Sloan research on leading the future of work


Digital transformation, automation, a persistent productivity-wage gap, supply chain disruptions. Those are just a few of the headwinds buffeting business leaders as they try to set a course for the work of the future.

This four-article download arms savvy managers with actionable steps to reengage a workforce in a new landscape: one that’s more digitized, roboticized, diverse, and dispersed than ever before.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Why distributed leadership is the future of management. Managing the future of work requires a nimble mindset focused on small, short-term wins, and a “cultivate and coordinate” approach to leadership.
  • How to make work of the future work for everyone. Guided by a new social contract, here’s how companies can develop working models that deliver for shareholders, employees, and global communities.
  • 5 traits of the workforce of the future. Future-ready employees are empowered, data-literate, comfortable with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and committed to social and climate concerns.
  • What work of the future means to 5 business leaders. Executives from Google, Target, and Amgen prioritize data, artificial intelligence, and empathy as they shape a future-ready workforce.

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