Dear MIT Sloan community,

The year 2022 brought a welcome change from the locked-down years of the pandemic. It was a year of reconnecting, in person, with our global community of alumni and friends. We hosted you on campus for events of all kinds, and MIT Sloan faculty, staff, and students also got back on the road, delivering research at conferences, meeting with and learning from alumni across the globe, and participating in the experiential opportunities that are a hallmark of an MIT Sloan education.

This shift back to being together is cause for celebration. And in the pages that follow, I hope you will find many other things to celebrate. The stories here honor our faculty and their impressive body of work, and our students and the talent and energy they bring to all that they do. These stories are also a tribute to our alumni, donors, and friends, and the impact that you make through your philanthropy and your commitment to the school.

Above all else, MIT Sloan works every day to fulfill its mission to educate principled, innovative leaders. With each class, I am struck anew by just how remarkable every cohort of MIT Sloan students is. Their curiosity and ingenuity are inspiring, and—when coupled with their empathy, generosity of spirit, and unique perspectives on how to make this world a better place—it is no surprise to hear alumni around the world remark on how amazing the Sloanies of today truly are.

You will find facts and figures here that bear out that observation. Just one example is that Admissions statistics show that the incoming MBA class comprised record numbers of women (46%) and members of historically underrepresented groups (32%). These numbers set a goal for us to strive toward—a goal for us to strive to exceed—in each year that lies ahead.

Support from you makes this possible, giving our Admissions team the tools they need to matriculate the extraordinary students who will go on to join you in making a difference. Your impact is larger than you know, and grows with each individual it touches.

Year over year, many things can and do change about the Institute and MIT Sloan. New faculty and students join us and leave us, new research and new ventures are launched from campus into the world. This year, we welcome a new president in Sally Kornbluth and look ahead to the exciting initiatives that come with an administration shift. But some things don’t change—won’t change. MIT Sloan, our programs, and especially our people—our faculty, our amazing students, you, and every member of the global MIT Sloan community—are and will always be MIT Sloan’s pillars, the embodiment of principled, smart, and innovative.

I hope you see yourself in the wonderful community reflected in these pages. I hope you remember your time here and the connections you’ve made with other Sloanies in the years since, and find threads of inspiration you might wish to unravel further.

Very best,

Kathryn Hawkes
Associate Dean, External Relations and Global Programs


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