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The Finance Research Practicum℠ and Finance Proseminars are Action Learning opportunities offered by the Finance Group.

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Welcome to the Finance Research Practicum and Proseminars.

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Student Voices

  • CALEB CHA, MBA ’12

    "Our Capital Markets/Investment Management Proseminar project was challenging because we had to clarify the expectations of our sponsoring company and learn specific skills in order to accomplish our goals. In the end we put together a great presentation that we felt was valuable for the company.”


    "Finance Proseminars really strengthened our insights beyond the classroom. We applied lessons from the classroom and we also had to think about things from the investor's point of view.”



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Sample Finance Research Practicum projects

Investment Research

  • Assess the predictive power of leader-follower relationships among companies.

  • Use skew modeling to develop a signal for options trading.
  • Conduct an industry review of the cyber-security industry.

Business Strategy

  • Develop a plan for an investment firm to enter a new market.
  • Explore strategic options for an underperforming manufacturing division.

Risk Measurement

  • Develop a method for incorporating news analytics into covariance matrix estimation.
  • Investigate if start-up hedge funds have different risk characteristics than mature funds.

Public Sector

  • Use an agent-based model to simulate the effect of potential changes in regulations.
  • Study firm investment behavior in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.
Sample Proseminar in Corporate Finance/Investment Banking projects:
  • Provide investment banking advice to a private equity-controlled chemical company, including valuation analysis and exit strategies.

  • Give recommendations on raising capital for a rapidly growing private company.
  • Conduct a valuation of two major home construction companies.
  • Provide investment banking advice to a private company considering an IPO or sale of the company.
  • Give mergers and acquisitions advice to the CEO of a public company receiving an unsolicited acquisition offer.
  • Give going-private advice for a closely held, large public corporation.
  • Learn the value of a captive finance unit to an industrial manufacturer.
  • Evaluate an acquisition opportunity in the healthcare market.
  • Assess the long-term growth opportunities for a niche financing business.
  • Determine the cost of hedging at a commodity processing company.
  • Analyze a technology company’s current financial position and develop a financial plan to match the company’s growth strategy. 
Sample Proseminar in Capital Markets/Investment Management projects:
  • Determine a portfolio’s optimal rebalancing schedule
  • Review and classify methodologies for detecting crowded trades within equity, fixed income, and currency markets.
  • Develop and test strategies for replicating hedge fund style returns.
  • Design a portfolio construction technique which takes into account non-normal returns and realistic risk preferences.
  • Determine a portfolio’s optimal exposure to illiquid assets.
  • Analyze the cost of trading foreign exchange for a major New York-based asset management firm.
  • Prepare an asset allocation analysis for a pension fund to account for the claims of corporate stakeholders.
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