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MIT Sloan students discover opportunities in the intersects of technology, finance, and analytics.  Their entrepreneurial instincts, honed through action learning and leadership opportunities, prepare them to lead global teams that drive value and impact.

Representing seven degree programs, our candidates possess diverse backgrounds and experiences, but share a commitment to effecting transformative change within their organizations. 

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The MIT Sloan Career Development Office is dedicated to supporting your recruiting goals and helping you develop a strategy that addresses your unique talent needs.

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Contact the Employer Relations and Recruiting Team

  • Jean Ann Schulte

    Director, Employer Relations  |  |  617-224-8193

  • Alessandra Rober Christensen

    Senior Associate Director  |  |  617-253-0529

  • Kerri Tierney

    Associate Director, Technology | | 617-253-8944

  • Danielle Cañas

    Associate Director  |  |  617-324-1017

    Account Manager for: Banks/Diversified Financial Firms, High Technology and Biotechnology, Pharma/Healthcare, Oil/Energy, Telecommunications

  • Susan Todd

    Associate Director  |  |  617-258-6493

    Account Manager for: Consulting, Consumer Products, Non-Profit, Retail, Real Estate, Transportation/Defense, Automotive/Aerospace, Entertainment/Media

  • Shayna Silva

    Recruiting Coordinator |