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Whether you aspire to be a leader or you seek to hire one, the career professionals at MIT Sloan will help you invent and build your future.  We facilitate engagement and relationships among employers, students, and alumni.

Susan Brennan - Assistant Dean, CDO

Welcome to MIT Sloan!

As the inaugural Assistant Dean of Career Development, I am excited to call MIT Sloan my new home, and to welcome you to this community of original, inventive, and passionate business leaders. 

Each MIT Sloan candidate has a unique fingerprint through which they will create impact.  Our students drive transformative change, finding opportunities in the intersects of technology, finance, and analytics.  We are eager to assist you in connecting with our candidates as you invent and build the future of your company. 

Our Candidates

  • Master of Business Administration

    Graduates complete a rigorous core and customize their degree with electives taught by renowned faculty. Through diverse Action Learning opportunities, they translate vision into action and generate novel solutions for the most complex problems.

  • Leaders for Global Operations

    Students in the Leaders for Global Operations program earn both an MIT Sloan MBA and a master’s degree from the MIT School of Engineering, empowering them to effect transformative change in manufacturing and operations.

  • Master of Finance

    Future leaders in this STEM-classified program enter careers in asset management, research, transactions, quantitative analysis, treasury and finance for governments and major corporations, and consulting.

  • Master of Business Analytics

    Graduates of this STEM-classified program apply the tools of modern data science to solve complex challenges across a broad range of industries.

  • Master of Science in Management Studies

    Designed for top students earning an MBA at MIT Sloan’s partner schools, MSMS graduates enhance their expertise by completing focused coursework and a master’s thesis at MIT.

  • MIT Sloan Fellows MBA

    Graduates of this full-time, mid-career MBA program are an elite group of global managers with the management skills necessary to magnify their impact as leaders and innovators.

  • Executive MBA

    Seasoned executives master leadership and sophisticated analytic tools to accelerate their impact on their organizations. Skilled at translating their insights into decisions, graduates move businesses and whole industries forward.

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