The Marketing Group brings leading experts and practitioners from the field to campus to share their knowledge and experience. Most seminars are held on Tuesdays in E62-550. Below is a list of this semester's seminars.

Marketing Seminar Fall 2022

  • December 6, 2022

    Eva Ascarza - Harvard Business School

    “When Less is More: Using Short-term Signals to Overcome Systematic Bias in Long-run Targeting”

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • November 29, 2022

    Daniel Bartels - Chicago Booth

    "Anchors, Target Values, and Credit Card Payments"

  • November 15, 2022

    Pradeep Chintagunta - Chicago Booth

    “Is (Smart) Technology Really Making Us Dumber? Marketing Analytics Improves the Mental, Managerial and Financial Performance of Entrepreneurs”

  • November 8, 2022

    Lei Huang - MIT

    “Recommender Ecosystem”


    Chengfeng Mao - MIT

    “Mining Multifaceted Customer Opinions from Online Reviews” 

  • November 1, 2022

    Cameron Charles Martel - MIT

    “Does distrust in fact-checkers actually undermine the effect of fact-checks?”

  • October 25, 2022

    Deborah Small - Yale

    “Talking about Charity” 

  • October 18, 2022

    Jerry Zhang - MIT

    "The Revealed Expertise Algorithm: Leveraging Advice-taking to Identify Experts and Improve Wisdom of Crowds"

  • October 4, 2022

    Sultan Mehmood - New Economic School

    “Contract Enforcement in a Stateless Economy”

  • September 27, 2022

    Marat Ibragimov (MIT Sloan)

    “Customer Search and Product Return” 

  • September 20, 2022

    Raluca Ursu - NYU Stern

    "Product Revisit and Consumer Consideration Sets"

  • September 13, 2022

    Nils Wernerfelt - Meta

    “Estimating the Value of Offsite Data to Advertisers on Meta” [with Anna Tuchman (Kellogg), Brad Shapiro (Booth), and Rob Moakler (Meta)]

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