TIES PhD Program

Advancing the Research Frontier

The objective of the TIES PhD program is to train scholars capable of advancing the research frontier in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic management.

Graduates from the program place at top US and international institutions, and make contributions to both research and policy in their areas of specialization.

Through a rigorous curriculum, close research collaboration with/mentorship by faculty, and an emphasis on questions that have real-world impact, our program trains scholars with an interest in understanding the challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship—moving ideas and companies from the earliest stages of basic research to effective products and services with an impact on the world.

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for applicants who can demonstrate one or more of the following attributes:

  • The curiosity and creative capacity to develop novel research questions;
  • A genuine interest in the phenomena of innovation, entrepreneurship or strategic management;
  • Mathematical preparation (calculus, linear algebra, statistics) that is sufficient to make the most of the training we provide.

Many of our students come to TIES with a few years of research and/or work experience. We are agnostic with respect to the type of experience that is most valuable to a candidate: our students have been early-employees at startups, engineers within established firms, researchers within a corporate or academic R&D lab, management consultants or have worked at venture capital firms.

Our PhD program is not for everyone. Learn more about the PhD experience through these videos to help you assess if our program is a good match for your career and intellectual ambitions. Our Frequently Asked Questions can give more insight into the program, too.