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5 ways female leaders are supporting women in business


Despite an imbalance of power and opportunity, female entrepreneurs and women in business continue to trailblaze in boardrooms, offices, and their respective industries. They are also creating space for those behind them through support and mentorship, encouraging women to not only reach their own goals, but setting the bar that much higher for future female business leaders.

Last year Ideas Made to Matter launched The Bias Cut, a series in which we ask MIT Sloan alumnae about their career paths, how being a woman has helped or hindered their climb, and what they’re doing to help those behind them. Here’s a look at some ways these female leaders are supporting other women in business.

Shaheen Parks | Analytics services director at Veeva, MBA ’04, SM ’04
I push to make sure the hiring pipeline includes women (often it hasn’t) and take steps to increase that proportion when needed — revising job descriptions, personal networking, and tapping professional diversity groups.”
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Lauren Hoops-Schmieg | Executive director at Hill House, EMBA ’18
I think women need to hear what’s possible and how we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and I need to make sure my shoulders are strong and steady for those who come after me.”
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Yscaira Jimenez | CEO of LaborX, MBA ’14
Putting more women who think and act with intersectionality in charge of investments is how we will make sure the best ideas get funded and bring value.”
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Heidi Zak | Co-founder and co-CEO of ThirdLove, MBA ’07
The more representation of female leaders across all industries, the more we can encourage women earlier in their careers to see examples that fuel their own choices and career paths.”
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Anita Carleton | Division director, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute, MBA ’18
While we may encounter negative experiences from time to time, we need to set the stage for broad inclusion in a collaborative environment, where people of all genders feel comfortable making contributions.”
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