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Five new business insights from MIT Sloan Management Review


Since 1959, business leaders have relied on MIT Sloan Management Review to provide them with a greater understanding of management practices, especially those driven by technology. This quarter, MIT Sloan faculty members and researchers explored the platform economy, digital marketing, share repurposing, artificial intelligence in the workplace, and data security.

The power of consumer stories in digital marketing
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As social media’s prevalence has risen, so too has consumer-to-consumer marketing. MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer Renée Richardson Gosline and MIT Sloan Professor Glen Urban, along with NYU Shanghai’s Jeffrey Lee, outline how consumer-based storytelling benefits marketing campaigns, how it positively impacts a company’s resonance with consumers, and how brands can implement a consumer narrative strategy. Read more here.

Platform sprawl leaves no industry behind
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Over the past 15 years, companies that manage digital platforms have displaced traditional industries as the top publicly traded companies. And the effects are spreading beyond just the technology sector. MIT Sloan Visiting Scholar Geoffrey Parker and MIT Platform Strategy Summit Co-Chair Marshall Van Alstyne, along with Sangeet Choudary, explain how platforms are changing business and what you can expect in the future. Read more here.


The board’s role in share repurchases

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Share repurchasing is an important part of business, but many companies don’t approach it in the best possible way. An organization’s board can play a large role in how strategy regarding this practice is developed. MIT Sloan’s Robert C. Pozen goes over some best practices so companies can get the most out of share repurchasing. Read more here.


Video: Preparing for the changes AI will bring to tomorrow’s jobs

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Some companies believe as much as 95 percent of their workforce could lose their jobs to machines and artificial intelligence. At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, MIT Sloan Principal Research Scientist George Westerman led a panel discussion titled “Preparing for the Future on Work.” Each panelist explained how they are making sure people will continue to have a role in their company’s future. Read more and watch the panel discussion here.


Video: Best practices in data security

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Do you know the difference between a hack and a breach? At a panel discussion titled, “You Were Hacked — Now What?” at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, MIT (IC)3 Director Keri Pearlson moderated a conversation which answered not only that question, but also showed what steps you should take in the case of a breach. Read more and watch the panel discussion here.

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