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MBA award winners

The MBA class of 2015 had plenty to celebrate as it honored its annual award winners at a special dinner with Dean David Schmittlein on May 11.


Seley Scholarship: Awarded to Elena Mendez-Escobar and Patrick J. O’Brien, both MBA ’15, to recognize leadership, community contribution, and demonstrated academic achievement.


Sherburne Award: Given to Hema Bajaj, MBA ’15 who worked to create and support a sense of community within MIT Sloan.  

Martin Trust Community Fellowship: Recognizes excellence in members of the graduating class. Winners are Zachary Gil Freeman, Victoria Young, Salit Kulla, Laura Diamond, and Liat Kaver Oreamuno, all MBA ’15.


Petersen Award: Presented to Lauren Pully and Neville Clemens, both MBA ’15, who have made significant contributions to the community.  

Henry Ford Team Award: Given to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference organizers. Winners are. Zachary Levine, MBA ’15, Mike Parker, MBA ’15, David Jacobs, LGO ’15, Joe Deeney, MBA ’15, Tom DeFalco, MBA ’15, Paul Campbell, MBA ’15, Kimberlee Sheldon MBA ’15, Danielle Russell, Adam Traina, LGO ’15 and Steve Burt, MBA ’15.


Henry DuPont Award: Won by the Breaking the Mold Conference organizers. Winners are Rosanna Lim, MBA ’16, Aura Castillo, MBA ’16, Maria Troein, MBA ’15, Elena Mendez-Escobar, MBA ’15, Nidhi Badaya, MBA ’16, Deepti Mutnuru, MBA ’16, Anita Wu, MBA ’16, Hailey Crowel and Michelle Travis, both MBA ’16.


Head Prize: Established by John C Head, SB ’70, this prize is given to the highest-achieving MBA student in finance at MIT Sloan as determined by the finance faculty. Winner is Natallia Dzivakova, MBA ’15.


Heller Award: Given each year to students who are substantial contributors to and role models of the entrepreneurial spirit on campus. Winners are James McGovern, Esteban Lubensky, Devin Cook, and Lucia Kamm, all MBA '15.

The Patrick J. McGovern ’59 Entrepreneurship Award: Given to an individual or team that, in working closely with the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, has made a significant impact on the quality and overall spirit of entrepreneurship at the Institute. Winners are Carlos Sanchez Altable, MBA '15, Dan Elitzer, MBA ’15 and Jeremy Rubin, SB ’16.

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