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Summer is no break for three MIT Sloan programs

Summer is barely a pause for some students at MIT Sloan with the annual start of three degree programs: Leaders for Global Operations, a dual-degree program in engineering and management that starts each June; the MIT Sloan Fellows program for mid-career executives that also begins in June; and the Master of Finance class, a program that welcomes a new class each July.   What to know about the incoming classes:

The Master of Finance Class

  • The new class consists of 119 students who traveled a total of 626,110 miles (equivalent to traveling around Earth 25 times) to get here. The student who arrived from the closest distance came from MIT in Cambridge, Mass., and the person who traveled the farthest came from Singapore.
  • The average MFin student speaks 2.34 languages.
  • Investor Warren Buffett is the top named “finance role model,” followed very closely by MIT Sloan Professor Robert Merton.

The MIT Sloan Fellows Class of 2016

  • With an average age of 38, the class consists of 121 Fellows, with 91 spouses, partners, and significant others, and a total of 147 children.
  • The Fellows represent 38 countries and 36 different industries.
  • The Fellows have varied hobbies ranging from paragliding and piloting planes to DJing and operatic singing.

The Leaders for Global Operations Class of 2017

  • Thirteen percent of the class are military veterans.
  • The 45 students are from 17 states and 11 countries.
  • International students hail from Bulgaria, India, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, and Uruguay.

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