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The top 10 MIT Sloan stories of 2017


Take a look back at the most popular news stories from MIT Sloan in 2017.

1. Our blockchain explainer covered the technology’s relationship to bitcoin, what it means for privacy and security, and the industries it could disrupt.

2. A new book from alumnus Ali Almossawi showed how to use algorithms to solve problems like prioritizing lists and writing persuasive Facebook posts. 

3. We explored how the four steps of design thinking can be used to solve all sorts of business problems.

4. Cost and mileage matter, but variety, infrastructure, and mindset are really holding back large-scale electric vehicle adoption.

5. Seventeen MIT entrepreneurs were named to the 2017 Forbes “30 Under 30” lists.

6. So you’re looking for a platform strategy. We defined the term, cautioned about “platform envy,” and explained why seeding and coring matter.

7. Millennials identified producing presentations and data visualizations as important communication skills at work. Long-form writing? Not so much.

8. MIT Sloan welcomed five new faculty members to campus.

9. Eighteen MIT startups debuted their work — from robotics-inspired strength training equipment to clothing that monitors for heart disease — at a demo day in September.

10. We rounded up eight articles about applying analytics at work, from MIT Sloan Management Review and from MIT Sloan faculty members and alumni.

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