MBA Curriculum

The two-year, full-time MBA program provides the intellectual discovery and expert faculty you’d expect from MIT, combined with the flexibility to customize coursework to your goals. After the first-semester core, you can choose your electives—and real-world learning opportunities—to ensure that you’re prepared to analyze and act.

First-semester core: your cohort, your team

During your first semester here, also called the core semester, you'll be carefully grouped into six cohorts of students from a rich mix of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Following MIT Sloan tradition, each cohort is named after a body of water: Atlantic, Baltic, Caribbean, Indian, Mediterranean, and Pacific. Each cohort is then divided into smaller teams. These teams and cohorts move through the core semester together, creating a strong, supportive bond that lasts throughout the MBA experience, and beyond.

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Beyond Core: Electives, Tracks, Certificates, and more

After the first-semester core, you have three semesters to create a program that’s right for you. In total, you'll complete 144 units of electives. You may also take up to three approved, non-MIT Sloan graduate-level MIT or Harvard subjects. Some students opt to write a thesis in their second year. 

Working across campus with students and faculty from other disciplines is one of the most exciting opportunities at MIT Sloan. These cross-campus connections spark new ideas, new products, and new companies. 


MIT Sloan also offers Tracks—which are limited to MBA students—and Certificates—open to all MIT graduate students—so you can focus your studies and dive deep into what interests you. 

MBA Tracks

These roadmaps encourage focus so you leave prepared to lead in finance, entrepreneurship, or enterprise management.


Finance Track

Explore the foundations of finance needed to lead in FinTech, investment banking, and more.

MIT Certificates

Open to all MIT masters-level students, these certificate programs allow you to tailor your education to meet your professional goals. MBA students may combine certificate requirements with a track curriculum.

 Dual and Joint Degrees

Your talents, interests, and career goals may extend beyond management. MIT Sloan offers dual and joint degrees designed to prepare you for complex leadership challenges that combine industry expertise with critical management skills.

Dual Degree Options

  • MIT Leaders for Global Operations

    The LGO program allows you to leverage the tools you gain in our MBA/MS from the Sloan School of Management and School of Engineering at MIT to become an innovative business leader with the technical skills to implement complex operations and technology solutions. Earn 2 degrees in 2 years where you will build a customizable program experience that allows you to pursue research interests, MIT resources, and career opportunities that fit your goals.

    Learn more about the MIT LGO program

  • MIT Sloan and MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

    MIT Sloan and the MIT Department of Urban Studies (DUSP) offers a dual-degree program allowing students to pursue an MBA and a master's degree in city planning. Students may apply to both programs concurrently or apply during their first year of the MBA or MCP program. 

    Students must spend one full academic year at each program, then split the third academic year with primary registration in each program for one additional semester. 

    Learn more about the MIT Sloan-DUSP Program

  • MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    This dual-degree program with the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government enables students to receive both an MBA and a Masters in Public Administration or a Masters in Public Policy in three years.

    The program is especially relevant for those students who plan to pursue careers in international management or economic development or who plan to work in industries or regions with a high degree of government partnership or regulation.  Students may apply to both programs concurrently or apply during their first year of the MBA or HKS Program. MIT Sloan starters who were accepted into HKS concurrent with their acceptance into MIT Sloan are automatically enrolled in the joint/accelerated HKS program. MBA students who have not yet applied to HKS and are in good academic standing are invited to apply to join the joint/accelerated HKS program on a space-available basis. To apply, students must complete a Sloan/HKS application in their first semester in order to be considered as a candidate for the joint/accelerated degree if accepted by HKS. The committee will look for good academic progress after midterms along with a link between professional goals and dual degree expected outcomes. The successful candidate will also demonstrate a strong commitment to public service. Applicants should expect a competitive process, as most years there are more applicants than available spots.

    Students must spend one full academic year (fall and spring semesters) in residence at each program, then split the second (MBA starters only) or third academic year with primary registration in each program for one additional semester.  Students will be assessed the tuition charged at the program of their primary registration in a given semester.  Completion of the two degrees in three years requires careful academic planning to earn credits toward both degrees. The dual degree advisor is available to help coordinate a plan of study. Students are responsible for understanding and completing all requirements of both the MIT Sloan and HKS degrees.

    Learn more about the MIT Sloan-HKS program