Our alumni and partners work with us to bring MIT Sloan’s rigorous and innovation-based sustainability perspective to cities across the U.S. and abroad. With our support, they organize local meeting spots where members of our extended network can discuss the opportunities and challenges in creating a sustainable future

Event types

Organize one of the following types of events, or propose an event that would build connections and community in your area. Staff of the Sustainability Initiative will gladly assist with providing research or other content, connecting you with faculty visiting your area, or with event logistics.

  • Breakfasts: Give members of your sustainability network a chance to connect and challenge one another’s thinking. These events are typically held once a month. Click here for a document to help you plan your breakfast.
  • Panels: Panels provide a chance for alumni to develop connections and participate in our global community. Organizers can define a theme or topic and work with our staff to identify research, content or speakers.
  • Webinar Follow-Ups: The Sustainability Initiative hosts webinars to share current research and thinking on some of the most pertinent sustainability issues. Follow-up events could be in person or remote and would give those who are interested in exploring this topic further a chance to connect regularly. The host will determine the best method of meeting and the frequency.


As you organize your events, we challenge you to make them zero waste events.

For help developing your event, contact us or for more information about the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan, click here.