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MIT Sloan Global Programs (GP) seeks to establish, maintain, and grow high-level collaborations with public and private institutions across the globe to advance research and develop innovative leaders who improve the world through management education. 

GP brings together multi-stakeholder initiatives to catalyze regional economic and social impact by implementing new educational models. GP's collaborations range from supporting newly created educational institutions to engaging with diverse groups who work to facilitate a stronger innovation ecosystem. Combined, these initiatives strengthen MIT's brand and mission globally by allowing new methods of engagement for its faculty, its current students, its growing global alumni community, and regional leaders. 

 ​​​Recent Office Reports


​​​​​The MSLAO is proud to share its "MIT in Latin America 2019 Summary Report," a comprehensive overview of the office and the impact of its activities, events, and projects over the past year.

Read "MIT in Latin America" 

MIT Sloan GP's "Insights" is laid out based on the different types of programs the office oversees. The crafting of these 2019-2020 "Insights" sets the stage as the office expands beyond its current approach to create new collaboration and partnership models. 

Read "Insights INTO MIT GLOBAL PROGRAMS" Report 

Recent Program Highlights

MIT Sloan and the Asia School of Business develop a new Master in Central Banking program

Universidad de Chile and MIT successfully close the first version of the Data Analytics Certificate Program in Boston

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