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MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

The MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program ( provides opportunities for communities around the world to engage with MIT in an evidence-based, practical approach to strengthening innovation-driven entrepreneurial (IDE) ecosystems. We achieve this by translating research insights into practical frameworks, convening stakeholders focused on IDE, and educating regional leaders through team-based interaction to achieve economic and social impact.

MIT REAP. Translate, Convene, Educate. Impact.
  • Translate research and expertise into practical frameworks, approaches and actions with widespread global application.
  • Convene stakeholders (corporate, risk capital, entrepreneur, university and government) from ecosystems around the world to build a community for collaboration and learning.
  • Educate regional innovation ecosystem leaders through team-based learning to facilitate meaningful economic and social outcomes.
  • Impact regions through the development of new programmatic and policy interventions that build on strengths and support weaknesses to support IDEs

MIT REAP admits teams from up to 8 partner regions annually, which are comprised of 5-8 highly driven and influential members and is headed by a regional champion. For information on past and current participants and assembling an ideal REAP team please see links below:

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MIT Sloan School of Management - MIT REAP

MIT’s Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program helps regions build entrepreneurial economies.