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MIT REAP is a dynamic global initiative with two programs – Global and Focus – that engages with communities around the world to strengthen innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems and transform economies.


Since 2012, the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP) has engaged with more than 50 regions from around the world to supercharge innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE) and transform economies utilizing a practical, evidence-based team approach. MIT research and insights are translated into a strategic framework that convenes and educates key stakeholders, and empowers regional leaders to execute initiatives that contribute to economic growth, job creation, and social change. MIT REAP's unique multi-stakeholder model includes members from five key groups of actors in innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems: government, university, corporate, risk capital, and entrepreneurs.

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“MIT REAP faculty collaborate with key regional stakeholders to develop solutions that are compatible with the region’s history, culture, and key regional drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship. By convening committed and insightful community leaders from the five key stakeholder groups, each region will identify their potential for inclusive innovation and ensure that they work together, with the support of MIT, to transform it into an actionable strategy and activities that produce measurable economic results.”

- Professor Fiona Murray, MIT REAP Faculty Co-Director, William Porter Professor of Entrepreneurship, and MIT Sloan Associate Dean for Innovation and Inclusion


Regions from across the globe are carefully vetted for acceptance to MIT REAP’s Global and Focus programs, and must pose a particular “urgency for change” or problem area in their region’s overall system that they want to address. The MIT REAP faculty then work with teams to overcome regional challenges that are hindering the growth of their IDE ecosystem by identifying the comparative advantages and acceleration mechanisms required to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Applications for MIT REAP Global Cohort 10 are open through September 30, 2022.

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MIT REAP University Stakeholder Insights

MIT REAP participants from universities across the globe share their experience with the program and the economic and social impact within their region. MIT REAP has helped over 50 regions worldwide build a common language around innovation, define strategies, and execute initiatives that contribute to their economic growth, job creation, and social progress. Bring MIT REAP to your region today and join our influential network of governments and ecosystem leaders to achieve your goals.