How to tap AI’s potential while avoiding its pitfalls

Banks’ climate pledges don’t add up to change, research finds

The impact of misleading headlines on Facebook

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The top 10 MIT Sloan news stories of 2021


  1. Machine learning is a pervasive and powerful form of artificial intelligence that is changing every industry. Here’s what you need to know about its potential, its limitations, and how it’s being used.
  2. Digital businesses such as Slack and Adidas use machine learning and predictive algorithms to continuously improve their key performance indicators.
  3. In profiles and interviews with 10 pioneers in modern finance, MIT Sloan professor Andrew W. Lo and Western University professor Stephen R. Foerster develop seven principles for the “perfect portfolio.”
  4. Elite colleges and universities can effect massive social change not just by providing access, but by promoting inclusion and rethinking how they measure achievement.
  5. New research finds that a pause during negotiations can improve outcomes for both parties, not just the one that initiates the silence.
  6. Successful fintechs possess four kinds of expertise: entrepreneurial, computational, financial, and regulatory. This fintech explainer shows how it all comes together.
  7. A new book offers ways for managers to effectively communicate with and encourage productivity in their remote employees.
  8. Jennifer DeSisto, chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Anchor Capital Advisors, discusses why good mentors are also advocates, and how she supports the women on her investment team.
  9. Data literacy is an in-demand skill. To get started, leaders should know what it means and establish a common language for learning.
  10. The gap is widening between data leaders and data laggards. From external data to customer experience analytics, here are 6 trends leaders are focused on.
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