Opportunities to Engage Are Everywhere

MIT Sloan’s curriculum introduces students to basic sustainability concepts, and events like the Sustainability Lunch Series provide the chance for deeper engagement. Vibrant student clubs examine opportunities for social impact, and the power businesses have to improve the world through international development, energy, water, and food. Classes such as Strategies for Sustainable Business use cases, lectures and simulations to explore emerging strategies. Summer internships and action learning courses like Sustainable Business Lab and Leading Sustainable Systems Lab allow students to tackle sustainability issues with external partners facing real challenges. For those looking to go deeper, the MIT Sloan Sustainability Certificate includes a rich program of study to train a new generation of innovative sustainability leaders.

Get Involved and Inspire Change

The challenges facing our world are complex, but also present an opportunity to rethink the current economic and social practices that are endangering the planet and human well-being. The Sustainability Initiative empowers students with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to better understand and embrace sustainability.  We believe that by bringing together a passionate community of students and faculty to research systemic issues and inspire innovation, we can create change in our world, our communities, our personal lives and careers.