15-1 Management: Major Requirements

Major Requirements

15-1 Concentrations

With Course 15, you have options. If you choose to major in Course 15-1, you select a concentration, which expands your learning experience.

To graduate with a concentration, you must take five subjects* and at least three full subjects must be from Course 15. The subjects in the concentration should reflect a coherent, interrelated learning goal—something you can easily explain during a job interview. You should decide your concentration by the spring of your junior year, although you can declare your major with or without finalizing your concentration.

*Two 6-unit subjects (half course) are counted as one subject.

Concentration Elective Subjects

  • 5 Concentration Electives Subjects

    You can select from a defined concentration or create your own tailored concentration with the approval of your faculty advisor and the MIT Sloan Undergraduate Office. At least three of the concentration electives must be Course 15 subjects.

    15-1 Concentration Guide

Declaring a Major

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