It’s Time to Address the Nation’s Job Crisis

Thomas A. Kochan follows up his article in the March issue of Harvard Business Review with an explicit call for business, labor, and education leaders to start working together to address the nation’s jobs crisis—both the deficit in the number of jobs and the long term stagnation in wages. This blog is also published on the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan School of Management websites. Read the blog >>

New seminar on Negotiating Labor Agreements

IWER brings the nationally acclaimed Seminar on Labor Negotiations to MIT. The seminar on Negotiating Labor Agreements was developed in conjunction with the Program on Negotiation (PON) at the Harvard Law School.

A Systems Approach for Addressing the Crisis in Employment and Consumer Demand

by Professor Nicholas Ashford

At present, national and global reforms are focused on improving the financial system, which is not synonymous with reforming the economic system or improving the economic status of individual citizens. The session discusses the root causes of the crisis and offers specific policies and initiatives that need to be considered to ensure sustainable employment and livelihoods in the context of a well-functioning and equitable economic system. More >>

Understanding Boston

Toward a New Grand Bargain:
Collaborative Approaches to Labor-Management Reform

Barry Bluestone,
Thomas A. Kochan
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The Changing World of Work

The world of work is changing in many important ways. In this interview, Professor Thomas Kochan describes some of the key changes underway and discusses how workers and employers are navigating these changes.

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