• People, Ideas, and Experience - Zeynep Ton

    People, ideas, and experience

    Leading researchers bring real-world expertise to the classroom

    People, Ideas, and Experience - Andrew Lo

    People, ideas, and experience

    MIT Sloan faculty bring their work from campus to the world

  • MIT Sloan’s faculty members are leading economists, public policy experts, entrepreneurs, and executives of companies large and small.

    Their research is conducted alongside private sector leaders and practitioners with the support and partnership of MIT Sloan students.

    And their accomplishments are significant. Tavneet Suri leads trailblazing research into economic activity in the poorest parts of Africa. John Sterman developed a climate simulator used by policymakers to examine the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Andrew Lo is applying structured finance techniques to funding for cancer.

    That covers three. There are more than 200 others, each conducting fascinating and vital work.

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